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Ladies and gentlemen, 

Allow me to update you on the weather situation in our country due to the passage of Hurricane Beryl. I have been informed by the Saint Lucia Met Office that at 8 PM today, the Tropical Storm Warning for Saint Lucia was discontinued. When Beryl first approached Saint Lucia, it was a Category 4 Hurricane. Over the last 24 hours, we have endured the effects of a downgraded system which still brought strong winds and torrential rainfall with the resultant flooding, land slippage and destruction of property. This system could have had an even more severe effect on our country but we were spared this time from possible disaster. 

Parliamentary reps and the 18 District Disaster Management Committees are actively gathering and relaying information from various constituencies to the National Emergency Operations Center. This data is being collated and evaluated by NEMO for a preliminary assessment of the extent of damage across the island.

There are reports of fallen trees, blocked roads and waterways, outages in water, power and telecommunication services and widespread damage to banana farms.  

There is significant damage at the Soufriere Waterfront and Cemetery area, flooding in Laborie, particularly at the Cross Over Park and waterfront areas, and the Vieux Fort Police Jetty has been completely destroyed. In the north of the island, there has been landslides and loss of homes in the Hospital Road and Faux-a-Chaud areas. There has been reports of damaged roofs island wide and displacements of families in Anse La Raye and Canaries. 

Please be advised that these are only preliminary assessments by first responders who will report in 48 hours to the National Emergency Operations Centre. Meanwhile, from this evening response crews are on the ground clearing fallen trees, debris and clogged waterways to allow for ease of movement. 

Reports reaching us indicated that our sister islands of Grenada, Petit Martinique, Carriacou, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines experienced serious damage and the task of rebuilding will be challenging. We call on all Saint Lucians to join when asked to assist the people of these countries in whatever way possible. The Government of Saint Lucia stands ready to assist our fellow CARICOM neighbousr. Our collective thoughts and prayers go out to our brothers and sisters at this time. 

As of 8PM today, I issued an All Clear for the utility companies to begin their assessments and repairs. The All Clear for the rest of the country will be at 5 AM tomorrow, Tuesday. 

Schools will reopen on Wednesday, 3rd July. 

Businesses and government offices are expected to reopen tomorrow Tuesday. 

The Ministry of Education will release the CPEA results on Wednesday. 

I have instructed that the Ministry of Infrastructure conduct an island wide assessment of damage to national infrastructure and report to me in 7 days so that rebuilding efforts can commence.

Let us thank God that our country was spared the worse of what could have been a disastrous weather event. I implore you to continue to remain in a state of preparedness as this is only the beginning of an active Hurricane Season. 

My gratitude goes out to the volunteers, first responders, NEMO, the Saint Lucia Met Office and the various state agencies who continue to work day and night to secure our country. 

Let us remain vigilant and united as we commence our recovery. 

May God Bless Saint Lucia. 


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