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Prime Minister Pierre Initiates Appointment of Saint Lucia’s First Differently-Abled Government Minister

Castries, Saint Lucia – On March 4, 2024,the Acting Governor General on the advice of Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre made the historic appointment of Hon. Jeremiah Norbert as Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister responsible for Crime Prevention and Persons with Disabilities.

The decision to create a designated ministerial desk specifically for developing policies that empower and enrich the lives of people living with disabilities in Saint Lucia demonstrates the Prime Minister's commitment to building a more inclusive and equitable society by putting the needs of everyday Saint Lucians first.

Hon. Jeremiah Norbert assumes the historic role of Minister for Persons with Disabilities following his triumphant recovery from a motor vehicle accident that left him with a permanent disability in 2021. The appointment of Hon. Jeremiah Norbert as Minister for Persons with Disabilities promotes disability affairs and ensures our differently-abled population has representation at one of the highest decision-making levels in Saint Lucia.

As Minister for Crime Prevention, Hon. Jeremiah Norbert will work with law enforcement officials, members of the judiciary, correctional officers, civic groups, NGOs and civil society at large to develop actionable policy solutions that will redirect vulnerable groups from criminality and implement non-tactical countermeasures that deter criminal ideation.

Establishing the Ministry of Crime Prevention further supports government efforts to suppress crime by harnessing and coordinating the collective goodwill of civil society to provide viable alternatives and initiate effective interventions that target vulnerable groups.

Minister for the Public Service, Home Affairs, Labour and Gender Affairs, Hon. Dr Virginia Albert-Poyotte, remains on medical leave. Hon. Jeremiah Norbert will assume her responsibilities until further notice.


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